Advancements in the technological world

We are living in a world of internet communication. This newest means of media in a short span of time have become part of our life. With the fast advancement in technology lot can be expected in the coming years. Science and technology have reached its peak of excellence. The things and facilities which are now available to us were unimaginable a decade ago. Internet is a computer mediated technology. It is so vast that it has covered all other fields under its wings. Now every other organization makes its web presence to reach to the vast internet audience. Technology has reached great heights with the far reaching medium of internet. Communication between people has become easy. The use of social networking sites has increased two folds. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut are in its full bloom. The internet connection such as Wi-Fi has become the hot spots of the society. It has made possible for us to surf the net while on move. The internet connection can now be availed on the cell phones. Internet on move through Wi-Fi is a fast developing area in the world of networking.
The use of internet has become a necessity nowadays. People crave for information every now and then. This craving for news and information has increased the need of high speed internet. LAN or the local area network is used all over the world. The use of Wi-Fi or the wireless network technology was brought into use to fulfill the need of internet on the move. Networking is now genre of our generation. The fast developing technology and the high use of internet will surely bring about some changes in this field. We are truly living a kind of networked village where we can instantly communicate with a far off person sitting in another corner of the world.